XV-A1HCF Compact Work Light from XeVision

The HID Xenon utility / work lights are compact with the ballast built in. They are highly mobile and can be mounted in various ways. This and the low power consumption make them the choice for outdoor applications.

Our HID Utility /work lights are 35 or 50 W (only extreme work lights are available with either 35 or 50 W, the other 35 W only) output, have third generation D1S bulbs with our proven ballast, 12 or 24 VDC, same performance and characteristics as our XeVision landing and taxi lights: They operate at less than half the power draw of a standard 100 Watt halogen lamp , yet the light intensity is up to five times brighter with 500,000 candle power or 3200 Lumens @ 35 Watt or 5300 Lumens @ 50 Watt.


  • Flood 45° x 45° portable flood light with handle
  • integrated ballast
  • D1S bulb, 35 Watt
  • 12 or 24 VDC
  • exceeds IP67

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