Compact floodlight from Eye Lighting Australia Pty Ltd

The Compact is a proven performer as an economical and general purpose floodlight. The fitting is designed to provide flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance. A wide variety of lamp sizes and types are available allowing the Compact to be used in a variety of applications.

The unique reflector replacement with lamp changes is favoured in sullied and polluted environments. The Compact is suitable for many industrial and mining area lighting applications, as well as security lighting, sign lighting and shop fronts.


  • ALUMINIUM LAMP HOLDER & BODY: The high pressure cast aluminium lamp holder and extruded aluminium body is weatherproof and durable.
  • REPLACEABLE REFLECTOR: The lamp has an in-built reflector that is renewed when the lamp is replaced.
  • THERMAL PERFORMANCE: The extruded aluminium gear housing dissipates heat providing longer internal componentry life.
  • LAMP ACCESS & SUPPORT: The spring-loaded lamp holder supports the lamp and provides a weatherproof seal.
  • LAMP INTERCHANGEABILITY: The mercury vapour control gear can be used with an optional range of high pressure sodium lamps.
  • PHOTO-ELECTRIC CELL: Optional PE Cell provides automatic daylight switching.
  • ACCESSORIES: A range of optional accessories including guard and anti-glare shield is available.


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