Heavy media cyclone from FL Smidth

Krebs Heavy Media Hydrocyclones look like classifying hydrocyclones but they are made specifically to clean coal. A gravimetric separation takes place due to the buoyancy effect of the media forcing the lighter coal solids to the center of the hydrocyclone where they are transported upward and through the vortex finder. The dense mineral matter spirals toward the apex and exits through that orifice.

  • Extremely efficient cleaning device using finely ground (-325 mesh) magnetite and water as the "media".
  • Media density primarily determines separating gravity.
  • Relatively wide range of coal sizes can be cleaned in a wide range of hydrocyclone sizes.
  • Ceramic lining is critical since high ash "refuse" is very abrasive.
  • Pressure should be kept low to mitigate classification of magnetite particles.
  • Heavy Media Cyclones are usually operated in a near-horizontal orientation allowing for large apex sizes to be used for refuse removal.

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