Classifying Cyclones from Deister Concentrator

The Deister Classifying Cyclone can effectively make a separation of slurried particles that are of different sizes.

Heyl and Patterson Cyclones are being used in mining and waste water treatment facilities around the world. The robust and industry standard hydrocyclones have been modified and now are new and improved. Incorporating the latest cyclone design features and modern day manufacturing material and techniques, Deister Concentrator, LLC has continued to improve the highly efficient line of hydrocyclones.

  • High performance
  • High efficiency
  • Steel shell with ceramic lining - monolithic ceramic shapes
  • Overflow mesh of separation ranges from 48 to 400 or smaller
  • Distributor manifolds available
  • High Alumina or Silicon Carbide Apexes available
  • Slurry GPM feed per Cyclone ranges from 80 to 250

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