Minco Tech Cyclones from ENI

Minco Tech design and provide the most efficient cyclones operating in the world today. Many design components combine to ensure the performance of Minco Tech classifying cyclone is maximized.

Design parameters regarding inlet shape and area, vortex finder diameter length, body extension, cone angle and apex nozzle are of the utmost importance.

Other features including material selection and cluster design, ensure that the cyclone offered for any particular process has an individuality that guarentees efficiencies.

Cyclone feed, flow rates, presure and cyclone dimensiuons are all directly related, and in theory, can be varied over a wide range. In practice, the degree of variation is limited to the cyclone feeding system design, speed of the pump flow, pressure adjustments and cyclone physical contraints. The above graph is intended as a guide only for preliminary selection, please contact a Minco Tech representative for confirmation.

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