Control Fugitive Dust from McGill AirClean LLC

The service division of McGill AirClean is reintroducing Burnley Baffles. The Burnley Baffle is a patented, gravity-operated dust control device consisting of pivotally mounted baffles and fixed metal deflectors. It controls fugitive dust when free-flowing bulk materials are being loaded and unloaded.

Burnley Baffles can be used for a variety of dust-handling applications, including ores, crushed rock, fertilizers, chemicals, grains/feeds, coal, powders, cement, lime, and glass batch. The baffles provide 90 percent closure of the grating or dump sink area, and can control 75 percent of the dust without the use of a dust control system.

Burnley Baffles can be fabricated in a variety of dimensions and angles to handle various product sizes. For special applications, they can be manufactured from materials that withstand abrasion and corrosion or avoid buildup of static electricity.

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