RDS38 Road Dust Stabilizer from Zircon Industries Inc.

Zircon’s Road Dust Stabilizer (RDS38) is clearly the most effective and long lasting method available to control dust on dirt, gravel, limestone and slag haul road.

Zircon’s Road Dust Stabilizer (RDS38) has unique properties that make it ideal for controlling road dust and thus maintaining road base. It is both hydroscopic (draws moisture from the air) and deliquescent (resists evaporation and stays in solution).

RDS38 continuously absorbs moisture from the air and literally traps and locks it into road surfaces. That unique reaction stabilizes the road surface and, in turn, suppresses dust. The result is a hard-packed, dust free road.

RDS38 binds the fines together to stabilize the road. The traffic actually helps the binding process through added compaction to create a dense stable road base.

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