Hydro Plus dust control from Dust-a-Side

Hydro Plus acts as a wetting agent, increasing the wetting ability of water on particles of dust. A finer droplet is obtained by reducing the surface tension of the water, thus increasing the surface coverage. The result is that more dust is removed per volume of water used in the sprays.


  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Typically removes 30 – 70% more respirable dust than water alone.
  • Economical (1:5000 dilutions) with proportional dosing system from Dust-A-Side.
  • PH-neutral and effective in both hard and soft water regions.
  • Allows mines to increase production without laying out large amounts of capital to combat dust.
  • Fully compatible with existing equipment, including continuous miners, longwall booster pumps and transfer points.
  • Constant saving due to reduction in respirable dust levies.
  • Has a pleasant orange flavoured odour.

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