LPM-321 Laser Profile Measuring System from 3D Laser Mapping

The Laser Profile Measuring System LPM-321 provides unprecedented flexibility for 3D long range profiling. The system allows a precise range measurement up to 6,000 m without the use of retroreflectors.

Without the use of a retroreflector, the LPM-321 calculates the distance to the surface in question, based upon the time-of-flight measurement of a short laser pulse. The distance meter comprises state-of-the-art digital signal processing and echo waveform analysis, enabling precise distance measurements even under bad visibility conditions. In multi target situations, the distance meter can provide up to 3 target distances per measurement.



  • Hemispheric scanning
  • automated or manual operation
  • reflectorless ranging up to 6000 meters
  • high accuracy


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