16mm Diamond drilling bit from Fordia

The Vulcan 16mm diamond drilling bit is the new industry standard. Designed by Fordia for all types of ground, this exclusive and proprietary design is the first true 16mm bit and reduces the number of pull-outs by 33% in comparison to the 12mm bit.

The innovative bridge technology offers unparalleled advantages

  • Same material as the matrix for consistent wear.
  • Unrestricted drilling fluid circulation.
  • Unique system of highest torque equal distribution on all segments.

Advantages of Diamond drilling bits

  • Thermally stable polycrystalline diamonds [TSP] for heavy duty critical gauge protection.
  • Improved life-span of bits and reaming shells.
  • Titanium coated diamonds.
  • Cutting ability of diamonds preserved throughout the bit furnacing process.
  • Enhanced cutting and better abrasion resistance.

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