SLB 100 Tunnel Laser from AGL Corporation

Ideal for tunneling, mining and anywhere you need accurate, economical alignment control.

The SLB is a compact, ruggedly built, uniquely engineered laser transmitter. It is the master component of a system that enables you to gain the accuracy and productivity of laser control in almost any alignment situation.

This tunnel, conveyor, and track alignment system has various optional mounts for 360° positioning with tangent screw accuracy. The rear exiting beam is provided for accurate alignment of the laser to a predetermined location.

  • Power Source: 12 volt DC battery
  • Easy install on tunnel walls with alignment base plate.
  • Targets mounted on same base so forward movement is easy.
  • Perfect for aligning conveyors, cables, tracks, etc.
  • Visible laser diode
  • Rugged compact design

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