Autoclaves from Cyclotherm S.A PTY LTD

Cyclotherm SA autoclaves have been developed out of extensive and proven experience that has established this product range as a standard in the industry. Autoclaves from Cyclotherm SA are purpose-built for electrical and steam heating applications.

Innovative techniques and design features include a hinged door and loose ring door securing device developed by Cyclotherm SA which ensures perfect pressure retention and long seal life. Smooth operation of the door enables opening and closing by one person with minimal physical effort. All autoclaves are fitted with a door safety device which prevents the door form being opened while the chamber is still under pressure.

Autoclaves are lagged with 40mm fiberglass for insulation purposes, and stainless steel cladding. They are supplied with appropriate certification. Cyclotherm SA autoclaves are used extensively in a wide range of industries throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent, including mining, timber curing, textiles, tyre retreading, rubber and composite materials curing, printing, agriculture, plate glass annealing and millboard manufacture.

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