Steam Autoclaves fom OBEM Company

The machines actually available in our production range are the result of nearly 60 years of research and development in manufacturing steaming machineries. here below we indicate some of their features and operational characteristics:

  • Construction in stainless steel according to ASME, CE/PED, CBPVI standards etc.
  • Working pressure atmospheric till 98°C (type VFV) or 3,0 bar till 142°C (type VFPV) or 4.0 bar till 151°C (type VFPVHT)
  • Vacuum to 70mbar or 15 mbar (50 or 10 Torr)
  • Upper overheated jacket against condensate drops
  • Forced steam circulation
  • Heating possibility by using saturated or overheated steam
  • Possibility of equipping the machine with steam generator with gas burner or electric heating
  • Control of cycles with memorized programmes
  • Available on different versions depending on the degree of automation from manual loading to fully robotized
  • Capacities from 50 kg up to 2000kg or more

Possible uses:

  • Twist-setting of the yarn
  • Rapid Moisture Regain
  • Yarn bulking
  • Setting of pleats in manufactured goods
  • Elimination of static electricity

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