Air Autoclaves from STERITECH SA

After the products have been introduced into the retort and the door closed, steam is injected into the chamber from the bottom, thus purging the air inside the vessel. This establishes a perfectly even temperature in the vessel. The injection of steam while temperature is rising is closely monitored and regulated according to the requirements. A powerful fan is used to guarantee a perfect circulation of the heat inside the retort.

To put the vessel under pressure, a patented system allows pre-heated air to be injected into the vessel at the retort temperature, preventing thus any thermo shock or air expansion. The computer operates and controls the opening of the valves as the P.I.D regulation of temperature and pressure is integrated in the STERITECH software.

At the beginning of the cooling  phase, the condensates in the lower part of the vessel are recycled by a powerful pump. Cold water is let in through a proportional valve located in the outer piping directly in front of the recycling pump. The computer ensures a constant control of the temperature during cooling phase resulting in a substantial saving of water.

Other Equipment