MineMaster M845 Underground Grader

The MineMaster M845 Underground Grader was uniquely designed for underground ramp maintenance. This unit offers a sleek low profile design with front frame and rear hood sloping away from the operator allowing a clear, unobstructed view in all directions. In addition the M845 boasts an overall height of just 94” and a full 8” of ground clearance! The articulated frame and low-effort control levers allow the operator to easily maneuver up and down ramps, turn corners and work efficiently in tight working conditions.

The MineMaster M845 Grader is powered by a turbocharged Cummins 6 cylinder dual horsepower 150/173 diesel engine, with operating speeds up to 14 kmph. The heavy duty construction and rugged A-frame design provide the strength to handle the extreme conditions of the underground environment.

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