772G Grader from John Deere

G-Series Graders let you decide how the work gets done. Choose from full-featured Grade Pro (GP) models with state-of-the-art fingertip armrest controls.Or opt for conventional lever-operated machines. In tandem or six-wheel-drive confi gurations. Loaded for bear,or barely loaded, each of these brawny blades comes standard equipped with the same heavy-duty durability and uptime-boosting features including a fuel-effi cient nine-liter PowerTech™ diesel.

  • Multi-language color LCD monitor gives pushbutton access to a wealth of machine info including vital and general operating conditions, diagnostic codes, and the activity behind you (when equipped with camera). In addition,auxiliary attachment fl ow rates can be adjusted through the monitor.
  • Sealed-switch module provides pushbutton control of 25 machine functions including keyless start. When enabled, keyless start requires a numeric pass code that helps prevent nauthorized machine operation.
  • Yet another example of doing things your way — an alternate mounting position on the right-side ROPS post makes it easy to relocate the monitor,giving way to a grade-control panel.

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