RG 281 Grader from Veekmas Oy

Four wheel drive RG 281 and six wheel drive RG 286 are advanced and compact motor graders for construction as well as road building and maintenance. The simple construction of RG 286 front wheel drive, its automated controlling system, and exact anti-slip regulation enable optimal traction in all conditions.

Well controlled massive torque and accuracy

The modern electric controlled engine and also the transmission with torque converter and automatic lock-up enable effective and environmentally friendly operation. The driver can choose manual or automatic gear shift. One of the most important components, the rear tandem with heavy construction, is designed for continuous high speeds and loads by using only gears with bearings and large dry disc brakes. The short frame and a small turning radius ensure the usage characteristics that are unmatched when working in narrow environments, such as building streets and real estates.

Other Equipment