ABC-VAD 24F17 Vane Axial Fans from American Brattice Cloth Corp

Rugged, long-life construction, solid service support and responsive delivery make ABC a leader in supplying Vane Axial fans that offer maximum performance with minimum downtime. Compare ABC’s wide range Vane Axial fans—part for part—with any other Vane Axial fan in the industry, and you’ll see why we are your best source for reliable and effective mine and tunnel fan ventilation products.

ABC provides a complete line of adjustable pitch Vane Axial fans for auxiliary underground ventilation, as well as a full line of U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved permissible fans, ST (Sound Trap) fans, and blower/exhausters, all designed and built with emphasis on advanced engineering and quality construction to ensure reliable performance and low maintenance.

A variety of mounting options and a full line of accessories, make ABC a one-stop center for all of your mine and tunnel ventilation requirements.

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