SD13 Bulldozer from Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

“SHANTUI” model SD13 bulldozer is a kind of spade machine used in construction industry both China and abroad. The extended track shoe of SD13 bulldozer provides low ground pressure, high stability and powerful pulling force capability, therefore the bulldozer can be operated on horizontal ground and slope completely and precisely.

SD13 bulldozer uses model D6114ZG4B diesel engine, power of the engine can reach 130HP (95.5KW). This kind of bulldozer uses direct injection system with low fuel consumption. Direction of bulldozer is only controller by single control lever.

Wet-type steering clutch and brake will extend working life of the bulldozer. The steering clutch and brake are connected together and have flexible knob turning operation. Single control lever of SD13 bulldozer can control all activities of blades. The floating oil seals in idlers, carrier rollers and track rollers can keep dust out and reduce the possibility of lubricant leakage; therefore the bulldozer can be more durable.

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