Kiruna Mining Trucks from GIA Industri AB

Kiruna Electric is an electric truck for mining operations. Electric power is supplied from a three-phase AC overhead trolley line. The whole design is based on well proven components. Kiruna Electric has an all-electric system with one motor for each axle, making it a four wheel drive truck.

Kiruna Electric is powered by two heavy duty traction motors – one for each axle. The motors are the latest version of motors for traction vehicles all over the world. The convertor is a heavy-duty version off ABB’s well known thyristor convertor. The collector arm and the overhead power supply line have been specially developed to withstand rough mining conditions. The truck is equipped with a diesel generator set enabling the truck to be loaded, operated and dumped without being connected to the power line. A microprocessor monitors the charging of the batteries and all other automatic functions in the truck.

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