EH5000ACII Rigid Frame Truck from Hitatchi

The EH5000ACII, Hitachi’s the largest rigid-frame haul truck, is suitable for a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • MTU Detriot Diesel engine which generates 2,700 hp (2014 kW) at 1,900 rpm. 3,000-hp (2240 kW) engine optional.
  • Choice of two engine-power ratings, two final-drive ratios, and a customized body.
  • New Hitachi-made controller monitors truck systems and replaces multiple, outsourced controllers.
  • New HI-TECH ROPS/FOPS Cab has 3-point rubber iso-mount to minimize vibration.
  • Simple, flat-panel dashboard consists of a 10.4-in. LCD monitor that eliminates all independently placed gauges and lights.
  • AC-retarding to near-zero ground speed. A service brake blending feature applies the hydraulic service brake to bring the hauler to a complete stop.

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