NSA Series Aerators from DBS Manufacturing, Inc

DBS NSA low-speed aerator provides the best features of low-speed and high-speed aerators: HIGH-EFFICIENCY AT A LOW COST. The DBS NSA low-speed aerator is cost competitive with high-speed aerators and offers the efficiency and power savings of the low-speed aerator. The power savings can be significant, in the range of 20% or more.

The NSA aerator uses a planetary gearbox to drive the aerator rotor. This type gearbox is mass-produced and offers an excellent power/cost ratio. The gearbox is mounted directly in the aerator rotor. This unique arrangement provides a number of benefits:

1.The gearbox operates partially submerged. Water flowing through the impeller cools the gearbox to near ambient temperature. The low operating temperature allows long oil life.

2.The gearbox directly drives the rotor so there are no driveshaft or inherent driveshaft vibration problems common in traditional low-speed aerators.

3.The gearbox and rotor assembly is attached to the electric motor by a "torque tube." This tube can flex laterally to dampen shocks caused by wave impact on the rotor.

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