Trimax T50 Pump from RMI Pressure Systems

The Trimax T50 ram pump is a compact design with integral wormshaft drive for high pressure at relatively low volumes.

The pump is designed for sturdy service and powered by motors up to 37 kW on a common skid base.


  • Integral reduction gears to obviate the necessity of external gear boxes, belt or chain drives. This provides a most compact drive arrangement with a minimal width.
  • All working parts are totally enclosed and self lubricated, enabling the units to operate in dust laden or other hazardous conditions.
  • Care has been taken to ensure optimum strength/weight ratio without detracting from reliability.
  • Suitable for portable applications, they have been designed to operate on gradients up to 7º.
  • Simplicity of maintenance and the ability to operate at maximum reliability with minimum cost are synonymous with Trimax pumps.

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