Hydraulic Submersible pump from Thompson Pump

Thompson Pump’s Hydraulic Submersible pump series handles solids up to 4.25 inches, flows to 7,200 GPM and heads up to 240 feet. Designed to run dry without damaging components, this hydraulic pump is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and steel for durability, reliability and maximum versatility.

The units are ideal for emergency flood response, pit and quarry dewatering, bypass applications, pond dewatering and any other applications that require the transfer of liquids that contain solids. Hydraulic Submersible pumps are designed to eliminate suction lift limitations that occur when pumping out of deep manholes or excavations that exceed 25 feet in depth.

The heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction, which includes replaceable wear parts and a replaceable stainless-steel cut-water, is ideally designed to pump abrasive materials.

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