Light Hydraulic Breakers from Crowder Pneumatics

The straightforward construction also means that CP breakers are extremely quiet,since the hammer mechanism is completely enclosed by the outer protective box. But that ’s only part of the story. What really makes a difference is a polyurethane cushion. Placed between the hammer body and the hammer box, it prevents metal-to-metal contact, cutting noise levels significantly.

At 109 dB(A), it ’s one of the quietest hydraulic breakers on the market. The polyurethane cushion also dampens vibrations, reducing the level of stress and strain on operators and carriers. (For the CP 100 breaker; at seven metres it measures just 84 db(A). The CP 400 returns 116 db(A) and at seven metres 91 db(A). All figures are measured according to EG 2000-14.)

Features :

  • Breaker Weight 210-830 lbs (suitable for excavators from 1.3 to 13 tons)
  • high performance
  • easy maintenance
  • reliable
  • oil/gas principle
  • noise and vibration damping

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