Rock Breaker from Mingshan Luqiao Machinery Manufacturing

Breaker, an engineering vehicle attachment, is a powerful percussion hammer for demolishing rocks. Through integrating the advantages of domestic and international leading technologies, this series of rock breakers has been developed and improved, thus optimizing the structural design.

Thanks to its rational combination of three crushing chambers, novel adjusting mechanism for fine and uniform particles, and convenient maintenance device, it is easier to replace the hammers and screen plates. All the wearing parts adopt new type of high alloy abrasion material with multiple elements to ensure the abrasive property and impact-resisting property of hammers and lining plates.


  1. High-efficient energy-saving: power consumption is reduced by 30%-50% at an equivalent output;
  2. Superfine crushing capacity: the newly-added particle size adjusting mechanism guarantees the fineness of 80%-90% of the particles is controlled within 3mm.;
  3. Long service life: high quality alloy material with multiple V-Mo elements makes both ends of the tips detachable, thereby getting an ultra-long service life(more than 3-4 times of the original life);
  4. High crushing ratio: Gr.I & Gr.II clinkers and Gr.II & Cr.III limes may be incorporated into Gr.I for crushing operation

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