Centrifugal Air Compressors from Elgi Equipments Limited

The ELGI- Samsung Centrifugal Air Compressors bring into India the world's acknowledged Turbo master to meet all requirements of oil-free compressed air.

The power of the Turbo Master ranges from 400 HP to 1500 HP. It's capacity ranges from 1400 cfm to 8500 cfm and pressure from 3 to 14 bar.


Backward Leaning Impeller
The backward leaning impeller of the Turbo master provides high efficiency over the entire operating range by adopting the backward lean type design that has an optimized blade angle, and it also has been connected to the shaft by a unique method to provide enhanced stability.

Inlet Guide Vane
When the air demand falls below 100%, the IGV optimizes the energy consumption of the equipment by adjusting the direction of inlet air towards the impeller in a rotating direction.

The four lobes and tapered land thrust bearing on the bull gear ensures the secured axial power transmission and minimises friction loss.

Other Equipment