Aging Furnace from Ajax Tocco Magnethermic

The oven (partial) you see is in the stages of disassembly for shipping.  It is a (3) three zone, gas fired, BATCH TYPE AGING FURNACE with a lift door.  This unit is capable of processing 100,000 lbs. of aluminum per hour.  The customer also purchased a car, a pit mounted car drive system, and a remote operator interface with an Allen-Bradley touch screen.

The oven effective workspace is approximately 33 feet long X 8 feet wide X 9 feet high. The oven itself is approximately 37 feet long X 15 feet wide X 23 feet high to the top of the door lift mechanisms.  The entire system with oven, cart, track, and drive covers is approximately 86 feet long.


  • Microprocessor based temperature controller, with integrated  Automatic tuning, and PID (Proportional band, Integral time, Derivative time)
  • Honeywell digital chart recorder
  • Allen-Bradley touchscreen
  • Local 30 amp disconnects for each 3 phase motor
  • Custom program "recipes" for heat treating a variety of parts
  • Maxon Ovenpak burners

Other Equipment