Mobile Transfer Conveyors from TENOVA

Mobile Transfer Conveyors (MTC) are “multi use” equipment in open pits. Determined by operational requirements, the design can be distinguished in fully mobile and semi mobile, self driven or not, one or two single conveyors, lifting, luffing and slewing of no, one or both conveyors.

Mobile Transfer Conveyors are installed between Bucket Wheel/Chain Excavators and the shiftable bench conveyor allowing multi block and multi bench operations to increase the block width and the block height. Thus, increasing the time between two shifting operations of the bench conveyor – results in a higher utilization of the mining system.

Mobile Transfer Conveyors are used also as a combination of transfer conveyor to the bench conveyor and direct dumping onto the pit floor in coal seems with interburden layers. Grasshopper style Mobile Transfer Conveyors installed as a chain like one connected to the other are part of waste dumping and Heap Leach Systems. Tenova TAKRAF offers Mobile Transfer Conveyors of all types in a wide range of capacity and lengths up to 95 m.

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