Underground Loader from Fambition Mining Technology Co. Ltd.

In order to match the demand of vein development, hydraulic power station tunneling works as well as underground quarry Fambition absorb the design idea from Toro 301 then design our Model Faml-3H with improving some peformance according the mine users experience.

For the instance: Powerful air-cooled BF6M1013C DEUTZ two-stage combustion diesel engine that generates 144KW of power at 2300 rpm and 487Nm of torque at 1500 rpm. It is easy and popular to load, haul, and dump 6, 500 kg of payload with a standard bucket size of 3 cubic meters capacity. Stable hydraulic system and considerable flow shorten the service circuit time and enhance efficiency accordingly.

The heavy-duty drive-line system consisting of a DANA SOH C270 Heavy Duty Industrial Torque Converter compatible with a DANA SOH R32000 Powershift Transmission as well as DANA 16D axles front and rear (no-spin in front axle) to assure the realiable performance and win the reputation from worldwide underground mining end users.

Other Equipment