CDET OMEGA DTHD Non Electric Delay Detonators from CDET Explosive Industries Pvt. Ltd.

CDET OMEGA is a shock tube based initiating device used for true bottom initiation of the bore hole in blasting. It has the following advantages:

  • Suppression of airblast.
  • Ground vibrations can be controlled.
  • True bottom initiation can be achieved.
  • Higher explosive efficiency can be derived.
  • Toe initiation resulting in generation of greater and loose muck pile, reducing the cycle time of operation.
  • Eliminates the risks of accidental initiation by stray currents, static charges and radio frequency signals.

DTHD consists of a Shock Tube with a Delay Detonator on one end and a Detonating Fuse Connector on the other end. It can be used in combination with Surface Trunk Line Delay Detonator (STLD) and it provides unlimited delay periods and sequences to conduct large scale blasts.

DTHD comes in delay periods of 200 ms, 250 ms, 400 ms and 450 ms or as per customers requirements. The higher delay timing of DTHD enables blasting the first borehole when the surface initiation is completed or far off from the first borehole. This helps in eliminating the probable cut-off of the shock tube on the surface due to the blasted rock from the first hole.

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