400 Series Half-Mask Respirator

The Advantage 420 Half-Mask Respirator is uniquely designed to incorporate user-friendly features including maximum comfort, improved donning and fit, enhanced safety, and reduced maintenance cost.

The Advantage 420 Respirator has a Patent-pending UniBond over-molded one-piece silicone facepiece, helping to eliminate possible leak paths which may be present in other competitive silicone half-mask respirators. All plastic MSA Advantage cartridges as well as metal MSA Comfo threaded cartridges can be used with the Advantage 420 Respirator.

Maximum Comfort

  • Head harness and facepiece integrate well with other PPE
  • Drop-down harness position allows respirator to be removed while retaining head protection
  • One-piece ComforTop cradle headband eliminates pressure points when head protection is worn

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