AV-2000 Air Purifying Respirator from Scott Health & Safety

The Scott AV-2000 CBRN air-purifying respirator is NIOSH approved for use against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contaminants in non-IDLH applications such as decontamination or triage.

When used with the Scott CBRN 40mm adapter and CBRN Cap-1 canister, the current Scott AV-2000 facepiece (with Kevlar head harness and grey nosecup) becomes a CBRN air-purifying respirator, with no upgrades or repeated fit tests required – reducing costs associated with inventories of both CBRN and non-CBRN facepieces.

Scott’s unique Top Down Convertibility design allows the AV-2000 with CBRN approval to be used universally in first responder CBRN applications, giving the responder the ability to quickly transition from air-purifying applications to one requiring the iDLH respiratory protection of an SCBA, such as the Air-Pak 75 and Air-Pak NxG7. the one-time use CBRN canister has a shelf life of seven years from the date of manufacture as long as it remains sealed in its original packaging.

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