Single Row Bullet Tooth Auger from Versalift East Inc.

If you are drilling in fractured rock (Limestone, lava rock, medium sand stone, coral and frozen earth), or drilling in a mix of dirt and rock, this is the tool that you need. The single row bullet tooth rock auger is our #1 selling auger. It will destroy fractured rock, frozen soil, compacted soil and contaminated fill dirt. It performs better and reduces total tooth cost by 80% over standard carbide flat teeth. This tool saves you time, money, and dramatically reduces equipment wear.

Product Features:

  • One Inch (1") Flighting.
  • Solid H 1050 Auger Shaft.
  • Replaceable Bullet Tooth Pilot
  • 2-3/8" 4130 API Pilot Sub.
  • Heavy Duty Kelly Box.
  • Low Tooth Consumption.
  • Warranty.

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