UF series Concentrators from Falcon

Operating at up to 600 G's, this product range produces an intermittent stream of concentrate with a range of mass yields between 1% and 25%. No fluidization water is required. Fine mineral recovery-UF-picPrincipal application is recovering fine free metals including tin/tantalum, silver, gold and PGM's to a high-grade concentrate. Maximum particle feed size is 1 mm, however, recommended particle size distribution is much finer.

Other potential applications include:

  • iron ore
  • suphides
  • coal flotation concentrates
  • other base metals - nickel, copper, lead, zinc, etc.


Feed stream particles are subjected to gravitational forces of up to 600 G's and are segregated according to effective specific gravity along the smooth spinning rotor wall. The high G's and lack of fluidizing water permit effective recovery of very fine particles. The heaviest particles are retained against the outer rotor bowl wall while the lighter particles travel over this bed and report to the lights launder. The variable lip ring can be adjusted to vary the amount of heavies retained during each cycle and the cycle time can be adjusted to further adjust the amount of this total mass yield.

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