Sonic Concentrator from Goldlands

The Gold SONIC CONCENTRATOR or "Live Sluice", a two tray, heavy duty high oscillation gravity concentrator for hardrock and alluvial precious metals eaxtraction and concentration. These process from 50 to 150 Tons per hour and can be placed in series for higher capacity operations.


Conventional concentration mining systems, especially sluice systems, utilizing huge volumes of water, cannot logically recover any great percentages of gold.  Gold, being of such high density, when put into motion, it's extremely difficult to slow down, let alone to stop and capture.  Simple physics states that once the heavy or dense body is put into movement its kinetic energy, once in motion,  acts to keep the body moving.  The tremendous force of water which is employed in most conventional sluices, gives any gold traveling through such great velocity whichm when combined with gold's great mass, causes the majority of gold particles to accelerate and travel right out the end of the unit.


  • capacity: 50 -- 150 T/Hr
  • Length: 14 feet, Width: 8 feet, Height 10 feet
  • Approximate weight: 16,000 pounds
  • Power source: 25 hp electric
  • Water requirements: Dry, damp, wet

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