Semi-Batch Concentrator from Solo Resources (Pty) Ltd

In the typical Falcon tradition, the Falcon Model ‘SB’ series of concentrators has been engineered with simplicity of design, efficiency of use and maximisation of results. Even when other gravity recovery processes prove unsuitable, Falcon Concentrators are able to recover ultra fine liberated particles and make high quality separations by utilizing a high gravitation field.

In some instances, a Falcon circuit can achieve as high as 80% of the overall plant production depending on the percentage of native metal present.

  • The Falcon Model ‘SB’ units work best for:
  • Free gold, silver and platinum recovery.
  • Grinding circuit cyclone u/f or feed.
  • Cleaning concentrates.
  • Tails scavenging.
  • Placer and alluvial gold.

Other Equipment