CDR 1500 Drilling Rig from KLR Group of Industries

KLR make, Model CDR 1500, Diamond core drill rig, Top drive all hydraulically operated Core drilling Rig.


Power Unit: The entire rig Hydraulic system shall be powdered by the heavy duty deck engine with suitable PTO arrangement, engine power 260.0 HP @ 2200 RPM of reputed make.

Mast: Sturdy structural tubular type mast of electrically welded construction, main members are made out of heavy duty structural steel tubes. The mast shall be provided with a provision for drilling at a angle of 45 deg.

Feed System: Feed system is provided with adequate rotary head travel up to 7.0 mtrs. long. The feed and hoist are actuated by a suitable Hydraulic Cylinder with wire rope and pulley arrangement. The feed system has the following capabilities.

Other Equipment