Automatic tunnelling machines from Herrenknecht AG

Automatic tunnelling machines with slurry material removal (AVN machines) are remote controlled from a control container. The full face excavation machines work on the entire face with rotating movements. The open mode wheels with hardfacing are equipped with hard metal picks, ripper chisels or scraper tools, depending on the soil type. For Pipe Jacking in rock, the machine is equipped with a cutterhead with cutter disks.


  • All machines for non-accessible sections.
  • Designed for soft ground, mixed ground and hard rock conditions by use of different cutting wheels (full face excavation).
  • Highly reliable steering operation due to inductive measuring system.
  • Different (variable) flushing modes / jet systems to suit different ground conditions.
  • High pressure water system for operation in cohesive soil.
  • Providing highly effective cone crusher.
  • Equipped with heavy duty long-life main bearing and high torque peripheral drive.
  • Hydraulic power pack in control container.
  • Completely remote-controlled.
  • All machines compatible to U.N.S. Guidance System.

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