RC Drilling Rigs from Drilling Supply Ltd.

The Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig is using a dual tube rod system, which allows for a cost effective retrieval of the cuttings from the face of the borehead to the surface by transporting them through the inner tube, thus eliminating the need for sample retrieval by tripping out or by the use of a wire line core barrel system. Although, RC drilling samples provide slightly less information regarding the formation, this shortage is largely offset by significantly reduced cost of drilling and rapid penetration rates.

Drilling Supply’s Explo series multipurpose drilling rigs feature models ET635 and EWT635, which were specially designed for mineral exploration using Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling and reflects our philosophy of designing our equipment with the end user in mind.

Drillers all over the world will be able to benefit from the Explo series rig's unique features optimized for high performance, efficiency and reliability in any operational environment.

These versatile and high performance drilling rigs feature Dual (2) speed hollow spindle rotary drive which greatly improves efficiency in both Reverse Circulation (RC) and Diamond Core drilling techniques.

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