61R Raisebore from RUC Cementation Mining Contractors

RUC Cementation Mining Contractors has modified their fleet of Robbins 61R Raisebores to create a 'low profile' rig. This allows the Robbins 61R to operate in more confined spaces, where height restrictions prevent other equipment from operating.


  • Raise Diameter: Up to 2.1 meter nominal diameter 
  • Raise Length: 100 meters
  • Pilot Hole Diameter: 11" Tri-cone bit size
  • Drive Type: Hydraulic Drive 
  • Drive Speeds: 0-24 rpm 
  • Ream Speeds: 0-6 rpm 
  • Pilot Thrust: 109 tonnes at 24 MPA 
  • Reaming Pull: 230 tonnes at 27.5 MPA
  • Vertical Drilling: 3m (retracted) / 4.5m (extended) 
  • Dip Angle Limit: Vertical to 45º Flatter angles to 30º from horizontal with special supports 
  • Power Requirements:  170 KVA, 1000 Volt, 3 phase, 50 cycle 
  • Water Consumption: 52 litres per second at 100 PSI (approx). Water is recycled through settling sumps 

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