220RC Surface drilling rig from ORLANDO DRILLING

Orlando Drilling Pty Ltd utilises an Atlas Copco 220RC drill rig for RC exploration and grade control drilling. This type of rig has been in the market place since 1998 and has been widely accepted as a very reliable, safe to operate and highly manoeuvrable drill rig for access into demanding drill sites.


  • Remote control operators panel (driller can operate the rig safely at a distance of up to 15m). Console   incorporates full engine and compressor diagnostics along with a Safety lock-out system
  • CAT C18 twin turbo engine
  • Through head system with above head swivels
  • Fully hydraulic breakout table
  • Dump mast
  • 82dba@7metres noise suppression
  • Selector valve kit for single or dual rotation motor operation.
  • 8 x 8 carrier, Scannia P380
  • High volume cyclone with splitter options.
  • Atlas Copco XRX12 rated at 1250cfm / 450psi
  • SDS Ausminco fire suppression system

Other Equipment