802 Electric Cupellation Furnace from DFC Ceramics

Solid state temperature controllers using Type-K thermocouples with special feature. 485 Modbus & LAN connection, allowing unit to be controlled via computer.

  • Dual set point, low temperature idle, extending refractory and heating clcments life
  • Independent High Limit controller for ultimate safety, with double redundancy fail-safe’s to ensure furnace integrity and prevent furnace run away
  • Automatic & Manual 7 Day timer controls, accommodating any assay schedule
  • Silicon carbide heating elements under hearth tile, easily removed through side panels
  • High Alumina refractory muffle chamber, allowing even heat distribution through chamber
  • Newly designed Lifi Typc door, allowing full access to heating chamber
  • Enhanced ventilation & precision horizontal airflow controls, using exhaust damper and air inlets position on door front
  • Specially designed integral exhaust hood & extraction system to minimize an/or prevent oxide buildup and heavy metal poisoning
  • Exhaust Flue & integral hood, designed for direct hook up to onsite extraction system Does not have an external blower
  • Removable lower side panels for case of access during preventive maintenance and repairs

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