Barrel Melting Furnaces from Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering’s Tilting Barrel Furnace is the most cost effective mid-range aluminium bulk melting/holding furnace for die casters, foundries and remelters.


  • Practical, robust and reliable
  • High thermal effi ciency & low running costs
  • Low oxide losses yielding clean metal
  • Easy to operate, charge and pour
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wide range of sizes for many applications

Designs are based on sound engineering principles and on the many years of experience in the aluminium melting industry by the company and its customers. The barrel form of brickwork with its inherent strength and clear internal lines is ideal for performance, maintenance and durability. The fore-hearth design facilitates waste heat recovery and contributes to improved metallurgical conditions. Pouring by hydraulic tilting provides clean metal from the heart of the melt and enables precise pouring control.

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