Compact GPS Receiver from Geodetic Supply & Repair

The GPS Pathfinder Pocket receiver is a small, lightweight, and portable GPS receiver. Rugged and weatherproof, the GPS Pathfinder Pocket receiver is built to work in tough, demanding environments.

Its low profile means that it does not restrict your mobility, or get in the way of you performing tasks. You can carry the receiver in your pocket or in an optional pouch, while wearing the miniature antenna on the optional, specially designed cap.

The GPS Pathfinder Pocket receiver integrates seamlessly with Trimble's TerraSync™ data collection and data maintenance software, and the GPS Pathfinder Tools software development kit. For data processing, you can choose between Trimble's sophisticated GPS Pathfinder Office software or the convenient web-based GPS Pathfinder Express service. You can configure the GPS Pathfinder Pocket receiver for use with third party mapping products, with Trimble's free GPS Pathfinder Controller software.

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