INROCK has partnered with DCD Design to provide the HDD Industry recognized standard when it comes to Swivels. INROCK can Provide you with a swivels from 80 to 700 tons.

Type 1 swivels offer an API box connection at the leading end and a Clevis connection at the trailing end. The rigid connection allows more straightforward pushback, but it also places a more severe side loading on the swivel.These Pullback Swivels are designed specifically for Horizontal Directional Drilling applications.

The DUB Swivel is specifically designed for directional applications. It is intended for coupling the reamer head to the utility being pulled back. The swivel permits rotation of the drill pipe while protecting the utility from twisting. Always pull tension on the swivel before rotating. The Type 1 swivel has a female clevis located on one end and an API box connection on the other.

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