Swivels from Melfred Borzall Inc.

Directional Depot’s new Fluted Reamer Replacement Swivel has a bearing life at working load of 11/2 to 2 times greater than that found with the OEM swivel. The completely self-contained unit features jacking screws for easy removal, and a clevis connection with a high strength, hardened replaceable clevis pin, eliminating the need for shackles to complete the connection.

The hard-facing welded around the face of the flange minimizes wear at the head of the securing bolts. A multiple stage sealing system helps keep dirt out, and the grease nipple allows for thorough greasing. The angular contact bearings allow for greater durability and axial capacity, and all the parts surrounding the bearings are designed with a 3:1 safety factor rating. Use with Directional Depot’s Deluxe Fluted Reamer or as a direct replacement for Vermeer* and Ditch Witch* fluted reamers.

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