Blast Hole Dewatering Pumps from Legra Engineering, Inc.

Legra Blast Hole Dewatering Pumps are extremely reliable and efficient in operation. All Legra wet ends are of multi-stage stainless steel construction, giving high performance over the life of the wet end. A non return valve is also an important feature of Legra wet ends, as it prevents water from re-entering the hole through the pump on reclaim. As the wet end is not required to run dry, life of the pump is further enhanced. Screening is stainless steel wedge wire type, and is available as a bottom mount, or full length option for areas where excess cuttings and mud are encountered in the base of the hole.

A series of shaped rollers carry the hose through the 90 degrees direction change off the reel, preventing the hose from flattening and assisting water delivery. All hoses used on Legra Pump Units are non-flattening, and hold their form while coiled on the reel, allowing the pump to give full performance at any depth.

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