Model K Slurry Pump from A.R. Wilfley & Sons Inc.

Wilfley's Model K pump is designed for difficult solids-handling applications. It provides reliable service with minimal maintenance support.

The dynamic seal feature of the Model K pump provides for leak-free operation without the requirement of seal water, which may be required for a packing gland or mechanical seals. This means there is no product dilution and, without rubbing contact in the seal area, the Model K pump can be run dry.

Wilfley's Model K solids-handling centrifugal pump is designed for abrasive solids applications such as those found in aggregate, cement, lime slurries and many other common industrial and mining applications.


  • Cyclone and screen feed
  • Cement kiln feed and transfer applications
  • Thickener under/over flow
  • Tailings
  • Transfer applications
  • Loading/unloading applications

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