Mine Hoist Drives from Siemens Industry, Inc.

In mid-1988 the first winder with integrated motor was commissioned. It was built for the shaft hoisting gear for man-riding and materials winding in the new Romberg shaft at Bergbau AG Westfalen's Haus Aden colliery. It is only the variable-speed synchronous machine with its simple construction that is suitable for integrating the motor in the friction wheel. Earlier attempts at implementing such a design were defeated by the DC machine then used exclusively for this purpose because of its complex commutator construction.

The new concept, including the drive mode with cycloconverter supply, assures greater availability with smaller capital investment.

In addition the winder is provided with a digital closed loop control, convenient operating and observation equipment, as well as a fault diagnosis system. That makes this installation more reliable than previous plants, more convenient to operate and less costly to maintain.

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